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Lust: Forging Long Lasting Relationship

What Is Lust

When thinking of lust, we almost always think of it as a negative experience. It in itself is not classified as an emotion, but it is rather accompanied by emotions. It has been weaved into our composition as humans. We are all prone to experience it one way or another. When it is not controlled or kept in check, that is when it can have serious implications on your life. Although men are more prone to this experience, as it is not exclusively applicable to men only. Women too experience it. The thing that propels lust the hardest is the need for gratification. If the spirit of lust goes unchecked it can lead to destructive behavioral patterns. Leaving our relationships at risk of falling apart.


Set Boundaries


One of the best ways to curve destructive lust is to set boundaries in place. These boundaries are not set in place to dampen your enjoyment of life, but rather they are there to keep you from destroying what you value most in life. Relationships are what keep us as humans moving forward and make life worth living. So, doing what it takes to save your existing and future relationships is something of utmost importance.


Lust In Relationship


In a committed marriage, you and your partner will experience lust differently. It is needed in a marriage because it is the first step in creating an intimate relationship with your partner. By setting boundaries in a relationship to focus your lust on one individual you are creating a platform to build a committed relationship with one person. You must also respect the boundaries of your partner and find common ground within the boundaries you set to enjoy the advantages of lust.


We at understand healthy relationships need to have sparks flying and deep affection for one another. We create a platform with marriage only matchmaking that enables you to find the commitment you are looking for in your next relationship.


By signing up to you are taking the first step to have a relationship that will wake up those butterflies in your stomach. Sparks will fly and you will meet the love of your life. At your marriage meeting, you can discuss what boundaries need to be implemented in your relationship to ensure you use lust to grow more intimate with one another. Ensuring you don’t leave lust unchecked to tear you away from one another.

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