23. What is unacceptable from a spouse?

This question is meant to establish the ultimate deal breakers in your marriage. It will provide a basis on which you and your partner can identify possible problems that may lead to breakdowns in your marriage. It is very important to find out red flags and if possible, solutions to them.

In this discussion talk about:

  • If they have had any addictions – gambling or substances.
  • What has made other relationships fail?
  • Boundaries with people of the opposite sex. What is acceptable. What isn’t?
  • What is considered as a betrayal?

It is worth going into detail as what you may find insignificant others may hold a lot of value to. For example, is what you are wearing acceptable to your spouse (more detail in q25)? What about the relationship between friends, do you consider it too intense or flirtatious? Work out any issues now before you become invested in a relationship that isn’t making you happy.

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