24. Day to day appearance routine

This question seeks to find out each other’s grooming habits. You both know that despite my best efforts to put an end to pre-marriage dating. You both have still dressed to impress. Extra effort was made today, an effort that is impossible to upkeep every day and you will eventually see each other in more relaxed, not so bothered, hectic, off guard and worn out situations.

So this question may seem very personal and irrelevant to you now but trust me in a marriage it will have an impact. Do you or they follow any fashion trends that may be annoying, or do you not care enough which can be equally annoying sometimes? It is important to find out their perspective on this matter.

Talk about your daily routines. Perhaps if a woman was spending too much money and taking too long every morning to get dressed this would bother the man. Or perhaps if the man didn’t clean enough this would bother the woman.
Try also talk about:

  • How much money do you spend on clothing and beauty products each month
  • Have you had any cosmetic procedures? Or want any?
  • How often do you wash yourself and your clothes?
  • Do you shave?
  • How important is it to always look your best?
  • What are your opinions on appearance changing with age?

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