What is Romance to A Guy

Romance can look very different for a man than a woman and when you are looking at dating, some useful guides like this could come in handy Dating an Older Man and  Dating is for Dummies

Men are very aesthetically orientated creatures – not necessarily saying all they think about is looks but their brains are naturally charged by visual experiences. Your man will compliment you when you least expect it; usually when you are in your comfy jeans with a top that you pulled out the back of your wardrobe. This will be when your man tells you that you look good. Take note; if he likes that top, he will surely notice the next time you pull it out for him.

Compliments also shouldn’t be a one-way street; don’t forget to compliment your fella when he looks good or he does something well. No matter how many times you do, they will always be surprised by the compliment and it will mean a lot.

Romantic gestures to your chap will include being interested in something that interests them. For example, if your man is interested in mountain biking, why not book to go to a cycle show together? Asking him questions about his interests will make him feel valued and he will appreciate that you care enough about him to care about the things he likes.

Sharing secrets together is a very intimate act; if you share painful or treasured memories with him, he will feel like you trust him to protect you and look after the things you treasure the most.

I know from my past relationships; men love a cuddle. My partner and I often say that when we are embracing, we feel like we are two pieces of a puzzle that were made for each other.

Men love music; being able to relax with you to some chilled acoustic music while you laugh and talk is romantic for both of you. The times where you are the most laid back together is when you will make the most memories that you will both hold dear for your lives together.

Music can lead to dancing; dancing leads to touching. Everyone enjoys touching the person you love and feel them touching you. Music can be a great way of setting the mood for an evening together.

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