25. How do you want your spouse to dress?

Dressing is something we do on a daily basis and discussing this issues is one of the most practical of all questions.

This is an important issue because when dressing the way they do, they will not only be representing themselves but also representing you.
Discuss with each other how you would like the other person to dress on a daily basis and on specific occasions. Such as nights out, work, beaches etc. People adhere to different modesty standards so talk it out and decide what you both agree and disagree on.
These concerns go both ways so be sure to both talk in depth. Try talking about…

  • What moral standards do you have?
  • What dress code would you deem appropriate for parties, beaches etc
  • Does he and she enjoy the extra attention that skimpy outfits bring?
  • As a husband would you be ok with your wife showing cleavage, if so, how much?
  • Should he grow a beard or be cleanly shaven. Should she shave her legs or be natural
  • Would either of you agree to change the way you dress to appease the other or alleviate their jealousy/anxiety? And would you be comfortable with this?

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