Make Every Man Want You

We’ve all seen them from a distance; women who can turn the heads of every man in the room. We long to be them with their confidence oozing from every pore and their obliviousness to the effect they have on every man. Well, I’m going to let you in on their little secret.

Their first secret; it has nothing to do with men and nothing to do with dating. It is all about you.

Picture your perfect partner; not aesthetically but who they are. Are they kind? Do they love their job? Are they passionate, and not just in a romantic way but are they passionate about life? Do they enjoy their own company? Are they thoughtful? Picture what you see your perfect partner to be. This is usually what you wish to be too.

And there really is nothing stopping you from becoming that person.

Do you want to be kind? Then make the conscious decision to BE kind. Make kind choices that avoid hurting people, be conscientious of people’s feelings in a conversation, listen and you will find you are also listened to.

Do you love your job? No, that’s okay. You can change that if you want to. But a real emphasis there on if you want to. To some people, a happy career is a necessary thing for them to have a happy life whereas, others merely see a job as a means of living and enjoying their spare time. There is no right or wrong but only what makes you happy.

Are you passionate? If you don’t feel passion for things around you then the things around you are wrong. I encourage you all to find things that instill that passionate energy and drive that motivates you. Whether that be painting in your garden on a Sunday afternoon, whether it be coaching a rugby team or raising your children, do what makes you feel passionate.

At this point, if you don’t enjoy your own company then you need to start again because you’ve missed a step. Falling in love with ourselves is the most vital thing we can do with our lives – we can never learn to love somebody else fully and expect somebody to love us fully if we have not yet mastered the art of loving ourselves. This isn’t easy, trust me. But you are capable of being your own perfect partner. And that’s when you can start working on goals in a relationship such as those In this Article or begin your search for a relationship here.


The next step is easy. Take a look around, is everyone’s gaze on you? You are that woman you have always envied. You love yourself and you feel confident in your skin. You feel confident that you are passionate about your life and you are happy in your work and you make kind choices. You will know your worth and this will shine through so everybody else knows it too.

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