35. Would you go to marital counselling if your marriage was in trouble?

The main aim of this question is to know the type of person you are dealing with. Will, you work together or are you doomed when conflict arises?

You might be in favour of seeking help from a marriage counselor if you’re both experiencing problems.

But you find out that your spouse is stubborn, unwilling to admit there is an issue, or feels that the problems within the marriage are private and not for other people to comment. Or maybe you are the one feeling like this?

So while things are good, get on the same page because it is likely that at some point in your marriage problems will arise and should they get too bad you must be able to deal with them together.

Decide now who will be your counselor, it does not necessarily have to be a paid professional. I recommend designating 2-3 respectable characters from within each of your families or communities. People who are senior, wise, patient and trustworthy to representative and mediate conflicts between you. This may be an uncle/aunt, your teacher, a community leader etc.

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