What Attributes are Irresistible to a Man


Ever wondered what are the main things that attract the perfect man? Perhaps you have a specific man in mind and you want to make sure that you are showcasing all the best characteristics to impress him.

What one man finds irresistible won’t necessarily attract another. But there are definitely a few general attributes that most men can’t resist.

When you sign up for GoMarry.com you can showcase your best attributes at your first Marriage Meeting. You can definitely raise serious topics, but have fun and show your best sides. For your marriage match to feel at ease and comfortable with you, you can showcase the following attributes to make him find you irresistible.

A big smile

Men love women who are happy. Someone who is always laughing and who can find huge amounts of joy in love is extremely attractive. No one likes to be with someone who is constantly down in the dumps or sad and mad about something. If you put on a big smile and show that you have a sense of humor, he will desire you even more.

Have a passion

Every woman has a passion, whether it’s cooking, teaching or being a businesswoman. Share your passion and dreams with your match at your first or second Marriage Meeting.

Being kind

Nothing shows a woman’s caring side like her being kind towards others. You most certainly have a gentle heart. Showcase it when you speak to him. Talk gently to the waiter and to other passersby. Show that you care by being interested in what he’s talking about.

Have self-respect and be modest

Nothing makes a woman look more sleazy and cheap than her flaunting her sexuality all over the place. Talk about yourself and others with respect. Be modest and don’t use sexual advances too early on. Don’t make dirty jokes and be modestly sexy.

Men are drawn to virgins for a reason, they show innocence. You don’t have to be innocent to attract a man. But showing him that you don’t let anyone near your goddess-like body is a good sign that he should respect and love your body just as you do too.

A brain

Yes, men love beautiful women. But beauty fades and when a man meets you at your Marriage Meeting you have to show him that you have brains too. Intelligence is highly attractive, this shows good genes that will be passed on to your future children as well as showing him that he’ll have a lot to talk about when the two of you are spending your nights alone at home.

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