73. Which if any holidays do you believe are the most important to celebrate?

I am personally of the opinion that birthdays and valentines along with halloween etc are overly commercialised holidays that only benefit big organised businesses.

Through a sustained media onslaught these businesses have convinced many of us believe that we need to celebrate these occasions as something special.

I see them as unnecessary financial burdens on families of any size. What makes it worse is that all these are annualized holidays.

Personally I choose to celebrate only personal achievement like having a baby, achieving good grades, getting married, landing a new job, starting a business etc. Joining in peoples one off triumphs, sharing my true feeling in their well deserved happiness.  

  • Which holidays do you celebrate? Birthdays, religious holidays, valentines day, national days etc?
  • Do you maintain a family tradition around certain holidays?
  • How do they celebrate the above mentioned holidays?
  • How much do they typically spend on a celebration?

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