Rebound girl

Rebound Girl: How to Know if He’s Just Using You to Get Over His Ex


You really hope to believe that the two of you have a special connection, but your womanly intuition is saying something else. Do you have a feeling that he is only spending time with you because he needs a rebound? Do you have a feeling that he is just using you to help him get over his ex? Here are some signs to look out for if you think that he is using you as the rebound girl.


So, this guy that you have fallen in love with has a track record of being in a relationship all the time. He has just gotten out of a serious relationship and before that he was in another long-term relationship. Any normal human being needs some time off to get over long-term relationships. If he has jumped from the one relationship into another into a relationship with you, then he has obviously not dealt with his baggage. You want a guy who can be by himself, he shouldn’t need a girl to help him live his life.



One of the first signs that he still isn’t over his ex and just hanging out with you as a past time. Is the fact that he is comparing you to his ex. Sentences like, “Wow, you make much better food than her,” or “She would never hold or kiss me the way you do.” Shows that he is still thinking about her. A man who has moved on from his ex, wouldn’t compare anyone to her. He has lost all interest in her and is open to something new and meaningful. You shouldn’t be fighting to better than his ex. You shouldn’t be compared at all, because you are a woman in your own right.


Strangely enough, he is always bumping into his ex. Planned or not, he will be late for dates with you and then say he had to go pick up some of his things at his ex’s house. Or that he met her for coffee. This is very suspicious behavior. If you broke up with someone, you shouldn’t be seeing them all that often anymore. This could be topped up, with him receiving a bunch of messages from his ex while the two of you are hanging out. If he seems distant in your presence while texting on his phone, he is obviously still chatting with her. Maybe they are sorting things out. The fact of the matter is, he should be paying attention to you and not occupied with texting his ex.



He is obviously waiting for you to show the same behavior that his ex has shown. Waiting for you to cheat on him, start a fight or act in ways you don’t normally do. Before you even act in a certain way, he has already decided how you are going to act. Which is in a way that his ex has acted. This is a clear sign that he hasn’t let go of things that have happened with him in his previous relationships. He needs to work on those issues and give you a fair chance to show who you really are.

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