Relationship Bliss

Relationship Bliss: Boost To Make Your Life Beautiful


All relationships have their ups and downs but sometimes you want to improve your relationship. You want that extra boost for prolonged happiness. It is easier to achieve it than you may think. Here are some ideas to keep your love blossoming.

Respect & Care


Always be respectful of your partner. Using good manners is key – say “please” and “thank you”. Your partner will feel valued and not taken for granted. It is easy to get irritated in a relationship, especially if your partner asks for a second cup of coffee while you are binge-watching series. A simple “please” makes it all the more worthwhile to get up for them. Respect must be part of your fights. All couples have issues every now and then but you shouldn’t stop respecting each other. Rudeness and name calling will dampen the bliss. Be open with each other about what is wrong and listen to your partner. Constructive criticism can increase the bliss you experience.



Communication is important in all relationships and being honest will help your relationship. It will be easier to discuss issues together and then find solutions. You and your partner are a team so work as a couple to solve any issues, personal or otherwise. Do things together and don’t be afraid to try something new. Go hiking and have a picnic, take a bicycle ride, or visit local museums together. Decide on a hobby to do together or a project that you want to work on; as you do this you will grow together and can feel proud of your achievements.

Compromise & Confidence


Compromises are always part of a relationship. It helps lead to bliss as both parties feel equally valued. If your partner enjoys watching sports but you prefer movies, then let him watch the game but organize a movie time for another day. You get to spend time together while still doing what each person enjoys. A big part of relationship bliss is to be comfortable with yourself. You need to be confident and grow individually. Reflect on your actions often and correct things that are wrong. Be positive about yourself. Your personality is what made your partner fall in love with you in the first place so do not lose yourself. Visit with your friends and continue to do your normal activities. Your partner will see you as an individual and you will feel even happier when you get back home to your partner.

Happiness & Intimacy


Relationship bliss happens when there are happiness and intimacy. Laugh often with your partner, tell each other jokes and enjoy the small things in life. Find happiness every day and share that with your partner. Giving your wife a flower from your own garden will still make her feel special. Do small things for each other to show that you care. There will always be tough choices in life and you need to discuss these choices. Talk about your future together, what you want from the relationship, children and finances. Set goals together and work hard to achieve them.

Hidden Love


Every couple has their own little tweaks and hidden messages. Keep those going strong and make them a habit. You can always start a new tradition. Set out every first Saturday of the month to spend time together. No other people can be part of this day and put your phones away. Celebrate your anniversary with a weekend away every year. Never skip these traditions, even if both of you are very busy. It is the small things that will lead to the most relationship bliss.

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