Relationships After Death of Spouse

The death of a spouse is considered as the most tragic incident of a person’s life. We love our partner, friend, or father or mother of our kids.


Your partner was the source of your motivation, stability, and encouragement in your life. You feel alone, stressed out in figgering out what would your life be without him or her. It is the hardest time of your life when you try to show stability and make possible steps to comfort yourself and the feelings associated with your partner often tends to fall heavy on you.


The recovery process can take a long time. Some people do not want to move on with their feelings; they want to miss the feelings and times they had with their deceased spouse. Life does not stop here, nature helps you and wounds are healed, ideally the loss should not make you passive and there should arise a visible urge in you to contribute your share to life and start over with a new relationship.


It is highly important to get over the pain of the previous relationship before heading for a newer one.  You can still miss your spouse and be rational about its expression at the same time.


Instead of getting into some state of mind and mourning over the loss, you should try to discover a new phase of your life.


Life is like a book if one page reads sorrows and sufferings? Don’t stay glued to that very page, just turn the page over and there you go, smiles and jubilations can come your way. You will surely get your share of Fun, Sex, Pleasure, and Comfort of the relationship.

Remember, starting over and getting into a new relationship does not make you unfaithful to your departed partner, He or she was there in your life to give you, your share of joys , now when a spouse is no more with you, they will still want you to relish little things in your life, they would still want you to live a life of your desires. They would still want you to rest your head at the shoulders of some man whenever you feel like it, they would still like to see you dress soberly and go shopping. Don’t forget you are one rich life whom anyone would like to live and love.

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