32. Gender conforming questions

I am a firm believer that gender is no barrier to any achievement that we set our mind to. But above that, I believe that we as humans are more content when we conform to gender stereotypes ie. our innate nature.

A gender conforming woman is one that is behaving and appearing in ways that are considered feminine. Similarly, for a gender conforming man, his being macho, rough and in control of his emotions.

Some might call it controversial, I don’t care. All I want you to do is seek out each others opinion on gender conformity, and your attitudes towards it. Do you conform to gender stereotypes? Is conforming to gender stereotypes a good or bad thing? Why?


  • Do you have a tool collection? Are you good at DIY?
  • Can you fix things? Such as doors, cars, washing machine, replace fuses, etc.
  • Can you fight? Defend yourself/lady/family?
  • Know your crankshaft from your gear shift? Navigate? Lead?


  • Can you cook? Decorate?
  • Look after babies?
  • Multi task? Manage appointments?
  • Whilst looking no less than a beauty queen?

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