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Reverse Ultimatum Relationships – You Need To Know This


You need to define Your relationship when the right time comes. And for the future, you need a commitment. Sometimes we are only in relationships for the fun of it. Then the day that changes and we want a deeper commitment the other person. The other person isn’t in a frame of mind to fully meet your commitment expectation. With commitment being the cornerstone of all healthy relationships, it needs to be communicated clearly between the two people. Clearly defining your partners’ expectations for commitment at the start of a relationship can save heartbreak later.


Difference in Opinion


Many couples aren’t that lucky and sometimes one individual is ready to commit to marriage. The other person does not feel that they are ready yet. This can cause a few problems and lead to separation because of different expectations and needs. This is true not only for commitment but for other expectations you might have in a relationship as well. For example, if you want to have kids and your wife or husband have no desire for that. Setting an ultimatum can cause serious pain in the relationship. Or if you want to get married but your partner doesn’t deem it necessary. Then that can also have its own set of consequences in your relationship.


Reverse Ultimatum


The great challenge is to get your partner to commit to something. You want without setting an ultimatum that can damage your relationship. A reverse ultimatum refers to the way you encourage your partner to commit without setting them an ultimatum. Mimi Tanner wrote a book called the “Reverse Ultimatum”. In the book, she states that she encourages the use of reverse ultimatums. As a way to get the relationship moving towards commitment. There is nothing wrong with wanting a relationship where both people are committed to a common goal. But you don’t want to feel that this commitment is forced.


We at firmly believe in clear communication and 100% commitment towards your partner. We have created a platform with the help of marriage only matchmaking that encourages clear goal definition and a high level of commitment from the start. If you are serious about marriage and you place a high value on family, then you definitely need to sign up to Marriage only relationships offer a foundation for a committed marriage. Marriage is a serious commitment and it takes two individuals that have the same relationship expectations to make it work.

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