Roaming Eyes – What it Means?

Whether you’ve started dating someone new or you’ve been with someone for a while, you probably notice that some men have the tendency of roaming eyes.

What does this mean? Well, on different occasions, during your walks, dates or meetings, your man seems to eye every attractive woman around. Should you be worried? What’s the psychology behind this?

Why Do Men Have Roaming Eyes?

Many experts claim that roaming eyes are a part of male psychology. Checking out a beautiful girl is simply embedded into their biology. That doesn’t mean they don’t love you or that they find you less attractive. Their mind simply makes an instinctive decision to observe someone they find beautiful.

Are Men With Roaming Eyes Unfaithful?

Seeing your man check out someone else is definitely not a good feeling. You might start feeling like your man has a tendency of cheating. After all, if he enjoys looking at beautiful women, why would he have a problem with sleeping with them?

This way of thinking is not ok. Not every man who has roaming eyes has the capacity or the desire to cheat on their long-term partner. Many men find roaming eyes totally unharmful and innocent, while they would never even think about cheating.

Can Men Control Their Roaming Eyes?

Yes. If your man respects you and wants you to feel comfortable when you’re in public, he will simply not check out other women head-to-toe. This is good news for those who want to work on this issue with their partners. If you express that this is bothering you, your boyfriend is able to control himself and he should stop doing it.

Why Are You Bothered By It?

Have you asked yourself why you’re so bothered about your man finding other women attractive? When you enter a relationship, you won’t magically become the only attractive woman in the world for your guy. However strong your love maybe, he’ll still notice other beautiful women. It doesn’t mean that he’ll hook up with them, but he will definitely notice, with roaming eye or not.

If you’re severely bothered by your boyfriend looking at other women, it probably has to do with your own insecurities a bit. If you constantly worry about this, you’re jealous by nature and you constantly think that your boyfriend will leave you for someone else, you are insecure.

How to Handle Roaming Eyes?

First of all,  communicate your issues and frustrations to your partner. Just like we’ve explained, your partner will probably clarify that he doesn’t want anything to do with the women he’s looking at – it’s simply a reflex.

If you simply cannot get over it after your boyfriend has deliberately tried to cut down on his roaming eyes activities, it means that you should work on your insecurity. You shouldn’t have to view every single woman as a threat. There will always be beautiful women around, but your partner chose you.

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