Romeo and Juliet’s teaching of Love

The tale of Romeo and Juliet is probably one of the greatest love stories ever told. It is a timeless Shakespeare classic. For decades people have strived to find a love that compares to the bond that existed between these two lovebirds.

They showed us that love can transcend social, ethnic and cultural boundaries of society. If you are familiar with their story, you will know that they were star-crossed lovers from the start and they were never meant to fall in love.

There are many things we can learn about love from their stories. For instance, it teaches us that true love can heal all wounds. As a result of their love for each other, the two families ended their long-standing feud with each other.

Although their families have been at war for a very long time, they still loved each other unconditionally. They taught us that true love can exist despite the social boundaries we experience. They never stopped fighting for one another and that is something that we can surely learn from them. Sometimes we must fight and persevere for the love we want.

The second lesson we learn from their love story is that love, at first sight, is a possibility. I have heard many people say that the moment they met they knew that they will grow old together. We can see this to be true from their love for one another. To the extent that they would rather die than to live apart from one another.

Although their story ends in a tragic manner, yet there are still many principles of love that we can learn from them.

Romeo and Juliet exhibited the true art of love, making affection look like a divine gift to us. It told us the true meaning of companionship which often tends to become a lifelong relationship.

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