How to Stay Positive about Finding Love

Is your past full of ghosts of failed relationships? No matter how hard you try and how much you work on it, you never seem to find true love.

First of all, this feeling is normal. Every one of us sees finding love as one of the hardest tasks that we will have to face in our lives.

In modern times especially, in our era of hooking up through dating apps, true love seems even more elusive. It’s very easy to think that we will not find love in the end.

It’s clear that you’re very unlikely to find love if you are not optimistic about it. So, how can you stay positive about finding love, even after so many failed attempts?

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So, while you’re still looking for your Mr. or Mrs. Right, what else can you do to up your chances?


  1. Change Your Perspective

Don’t see being alone as something negative. Even though we thrive in romantic relationships, being alone and single is a great time to get to know yourself.

Especially if you are a serial dater, you might benefit greatly from being single for a while.

Think of all the things you would be missing out on if you had a partner. Use this time to focus on yourself and hang out with friends. This could be a great time of personal growth which will get you ready for your soulmate.


  1. Socialize and Be Active

When you are disappointed with your love life, it’s very easy to step of everyday social life and isolate yourself. It’s certainly much easier to sit on your couch and binge-watch Netflix than getting dressed for drinks when you don’t feel like it.

However, isolation will take you into a dangerous spiral of negativity. If you want to remain positive about your love life, you have to keep socializing as much as possible.

Try joining some hobby groups, gyms or other activities that will allow you to meet new people. If you’re surrounded by others, you will probably not despair about how there’s no one out there for you.


  1. Stay in The Present

Sure, you may have had some tough relationships that left a scar on your heart. However, this is no reason you should expect the same outcome in the future. When you think about finding love, you should stay grounded in the present moment. Don’t overanalyze your past or put too much pressure on your future.

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