Rules You Need To Follow In No Strings Attached(NSA) Relationships

Rules You Need To Follow In No Strings Attached(NSA) Relationships

Being in a no strings attached (NSA) relationship is like breaking the rules, but getting away with it


No strings attached means you develop a relationship without having any love and just want to satisfy your sexual needs. However, if you want to succeed in it, you must follow the below-mentioned rules.


Check whether you’re ready

It’s really important to check whether you’re ready for no strings attached (NSA) or not. If you’re not, you’re inviting a mess. Consult your partner whether he’s ready for no string attached relationship (NSA)


Say goodbye to relationship the moment you get emotionally involved

Well, it looks quite hard. But you must promise yourself that you’d stop the no strings attached (NSA) relationship the moment you start developing feelings. Perhaps, it’s one of the toughest rules of no strings attached relationship. Please! Save yourself!


Always use protection

It’s very essential. However, most people don’t bother to follow this rule. However, you must follow this rule because you can’t get stuck having a baby with someone you’re not in love with. Use birth control options like condoms and never let him ‘enter’ you without the right protection or you will regret it later.


Set boundaries

If you don’t want to develop feelings for your partner in no strings attached (NSA), you must set boundaries. You shouldn’t call or text unless it’s for sex. You should never meet publically.

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Enjoy your relationship and have fun

Fun is the main motive behind entering into no string attached relationship. Never think what’s going to happen tomorrow, just enjoy it now. Relax and rejuvenate, it is your time off and you deserve to have some fun and laugh (or moan) as loud as you can!


Never start making plans of the immediate (or distant) future with your ‘partner’

Whether you’re moving to a new house or looking for a new job or anything similar, keep your partner away from such matters. Remember, they’re not your spouse but they are only your sex partner. If you’re planning going out with them more often or thinking about moving into their place or things like that, then the warning bells should start going off in your head.


Never use the L-word or use too little

The word ‘love’ can bring complexities to your relationship so you must avoid it. Never get excited and say things like ‘I love your sense of humor’. It can make things awkward and the situation may get out of your control. If you observe you’re getting close or serious, it’s time to leave. The good thing about casual relationships is that you hold no obligation towards your partner. So stay away from tears, headaches and emotional attachments.


Show selfishness

In NSA, you’ve all the liberty to think about your satisfaction. Are you satisfied with the performance of your partner in the bed? Never go out of the way to please your partner. You must have fun and joy during sex.

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