Sacrifice for Love

Everyone needs to make sacrifices to improve the quality of their relationship. It’s never as easy as simply getting together and living happily ever after. But what are we expected to renounce and why should it be a priority?

I guess one of the most typical sacrifices that are made is one’s career. A highly common scenario is where one person has the opportunity to evolve their career, but they decide against it because it would require them living far away from their partner. This is not a gesture that should be taken lightly. On the same grounds, leaving behind the life you know to stick with your partner is equally admirable. This would mean giving up the place you live in, your friends and family, and all that you’ve been conditioned with, to follow your loved one wherever they decide to go. This is a true testament of love; it’s a sentiment stating that regardless of distance and circumstance, the most important thing is each other and you’ll do whatever it takes to stay together.


Both parties must be willing to do this though. If it’s a one-sided situation, then one person is obviously not as justly devout as the other. Each person needs to ask themselves the questions, “What kind of sacrifices am I willing to make for love?” and “Is there such a thing as too big of a sacrifice?” Putting this into perspective will shed light on the legitimacy of your feelings, as well as the sincerity and overall dynamic of the relationship.

If there are specific levels you’re not inclined to cross, then that needs to be discussed. Nobody should be expected to breach fundamental aspects of their beliefs to satisfy a trivial disposition of their significant other. Sometimes certain sacrifices are not justified. If your partner wants you to change something elementary about your personality or way of life, then that is most likely coming from a place of selfishness. Sacrifices should be made for the greater good of the relationship, not to serve the desires of just one person. For a deeper insight into healthy relationship advice, there are plenty of articles covering a variety of subjects on the matter at, a site dedicated to instilling family values and the principles needed for a meaningful relationship.


Sacrifice should not be presumed. Making the assumption that you are somehow entitled to be treated with such consideration would be a mistake. You should be grateful if you find someone who loves you enough to drastically alter their life for you. True diligence is a scarce commodity in people and it deserves to be rewarded with love and respect. It can be daunting to live with your heart on your sleeve, but being too guarded could have you missing out on finding a beautiful connection. Practice giving out that which you hope to receive in return, and with a bit of luck, you might just find the right person for you.


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