Life Partner: What are the Things You Must Know


I don’t know. I can only guess because I’m a human too. I’m the one who wasn’t a perfect match for most of my exes. They were disappointed in my honesty, reliability, affection. And all of these are the traits of an ideal life partner. They were always in that fight or flight mood. And most of them just flight.


So, where did I go wrong?


I expected them to be my mirror. To fulfill all my needs. To be honest above all. Then, it turned out that they don’t like honesty at all. They feel better if you veil all that you are and give them some space for guessing. So, I got sick of it and continue my life journey on my own trying to get some answers. What I’ve found out is that a perfect life partner is not a myth. You will find him eventually. The question is- How long is that quest going to take?


Here are some backed up pieces of advice that come right from the heart. Which will hopefully make your quest shorter?


To that end, it’s always better to have some strategy and take some time to think through what you are looking for in a partner than to rush into a relationship. You have to think about attributes, traits, personality, preferences that your future partner should have. And please, try to build a friendship with a person you have a crush on. Then you will find out if he is:


Reliable, honest, attractive, humorous, well-off, loving, caring, one who will love you no matter what. A true fit for you in other words. Of course, a man doesn’t have to achieve all the standards, but achieving at least 3 of them would be a success. For a lonely heart, as mine longing for perfection would be a luxury which price I’m not ready to pay.


Right now, I pray to God to find a guy who is normal above all. And a normal guy is someone who seems mentally and emotionally stable by all measures, someone who’s available and doesn’t do or say anything insane. It’s a person I prefer to be with and one who won’t hurt me. And is well organized and pretty successful.


Please remember it’s your life partner, not just another date! He must be confident about his business so that he could take care of himself and the family. He should be in good health, .e. he should have good eating, sleeping, and exercising habits. It would be also nice if he has some hobbies, he shouldn’t be a workaholic. If so, he will certainly neglect you in one way or the other.


It would be ideal if he has a family personality because it will influence his relationship with your kids when the time comes. If he leads a solitary life it’s not a good sign. You’ll have to be very patient with him until he finally starts to behave like an adult, responsible person. He should be emotionally available so that when problems come you could hold on to each other.


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