Save the Relationship

Save The Relationship: Signs that There’s Still Hope


We have all been there, on both sides. A Broken Hearted or a heartbreaker. It’s hard & it’s tough to save the relationship once it has reached the end. There are no words to witness your feelings and comfort you. No one except your loved ones who don’t even want to talk with you. That’s why before everything bursts at the seams, save what’s worth saving. If the relationship only got “stale” it’s the least of the problem. You know how to revive the passion.

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But if some of you two got sick, depressed or strayed it’s a much bigger problem which begs for a solution and you two sticking together just as at the beginning of the relationship.

  • If you two still feel comfortable while talking with each other
  • If you haven’t canceled a plan made in advance before everything seemed to fall apart
  • If you still visit each other’s families and friends
  • If you sleep together and not in separate rooms
  • If you still have dinners together
  • If you make everyday plans concerning the schedule for taking care of your kids
  • If you help each other when you get in trouble even though you haven’t spoken for days
  • If you take the same side when a third party begins an argument
  • If you don’t quarrel in front of your children
  • If you still make each other laugh
  • If you still care about your partner’s feelings
  • If you still see yourselves as a team working things together
  • If you can admit that you are wrong
  • If you still love each other

And most importantly

  • If you’re both willing to try


These are only some of the signs that your relationship is worth saving and that there is real hope that it can be saved.

Encountering Problems

Whatever you’re going through right now, be it money issues, cheating, lack of honesty, tough communication or you just don’t know how to describe why you’re going through a rough patch, it may feel like breaking up or even divorce is the next step in your life. But don’t give up just like that.

Inexhaustible List

However silly it may sound, write down on a sheet of paper an inexhaustible list of for and against staying in a relationship. The end result should decide on a “match”. More for-you stay and vice versa. If there are moments of connection, however small they are, if he can provide you with a sense of home while with him your relationship is not dead yet. It’s hard to show your love for your partner if things are falling apart. But if you still have the feeling that you love each other it is worth trying.

It’s Always Worth Trying

Once you were accustomed to each other’s love words and body languages, which are the ways in which most of us most prefer to experience love. If you can bring it back somehow it will be easier for you to sort out problems and resolve conflicts and be connected again because your “I love you” will resonate with your partner and it will remind him of the days when your love was in full swing.

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