Saving Our Relationship

How to Know If You Should Save Your Relationship


Romantic movies put a lot of ideas in our minds. That make us think we would do anything to be with the person we love. Wild chemical reactions also alter our perceptions of things to make us feel like we would give our lives for our partners. With the change in perception we as a human are looking for new ways for saving our relationship. But how much of this is just a dramatic gesture and how much is actually true? What definitions should we follow when trying to figure out if someone is worth fighting for or not. And if it’s based on something genuine?

True Colors after Physical Interaction


Many people feel confident about how much they supposedly love someone in the beginning stages of a relationship. They would say definitively that their love is enduring and true. But after the infatuation wears off, they start expressing a different tone. They begin to question if they made the right choice getting into a serious relationship. Their efforts become weaker and weaker. If a conscious choice isn’t made on a daily basis to keep up the commitment. The relationship is destined to fail.

If your partner is devoting that kind of energy to keeping the partnership healthy. It should be easy to stay together. Actions from your partner such as giving you the right amount of attention, supporting your goals and dreams. And working hard to create the future you both desire, are the type of signs that reveal their intentions. If your lover’s intentions are admirable, choosing to share your life with them shouldn’t be difficult at all.

Love is Fading As Time Pass


There are countless reasons why someone’s commitment to a relationship might start to fade. Maybe they’re no longer attracted to you, they might see themselves finding someone more appropriate for them. Or maybe they’re just bored and don’t appreciate your presence as much as they should. Some people aren’t raised to handle commitment, and so even though they might try for a real relationship, eventually their true nature will take over and their efforts will begin to dwindle. When this happens, you’re faced with the choice of either continuing the fight in the hope that they’ll learn to become better relationship material, or giving up on them so you can move on with your life and find someone who is genuinely dedicated.


Get to Know Your Partner Well


It might not always be them who is the cause of this situation though. Maybe it’s not your partner who has changed, but rather your own goals or expectations. You may have gone into the relationship with a certain amount of acceptance for who your partner is, and perhaps you had a certain idea for your potential future together, but at some point these aspects could have changed which would create a different perception of your partner’s relevance in your life.

This can then lead you to feel like there’s no point for you and your partner to stay together any longer, because in your mind you’re not right for each other anymore. In any case, if either person is feeling like the relationship isn’t worth fighting for, it’s probably best to go your separate ways. Maybe you should get out of that environment as soon as possible and visit to find yourself a committed partner.


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