Secret Regrets: If you could Do One Thing Over, What it would Be?

Secret Regret: Which One Thing You Would Do Over

We have many choices in our life but many of them are quite uncertain. We can’t estimate what would happen if we make a decision


Anybody is not old until regret takes place of his dreams. These may include poor judgment calls, missed opportunities, failed relationships, etc. Some choices are tough at the start while other choices seem easy at the start but proved poorly done in the end.

However, some regrets have an important place in our lives. Let’s review the regrets mentioned below and try to avoid situations where regrets might be the only conclusion.

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Not traveling more

In fact, traveling is quite an expensive habit. Those who don’t travel too much feel themselves regretting at a later stage.


Not speaking up against the bullies

It is perhaps one of the biggest regrets in our lives. We were too scared in grade4 or 5 that we couldn’t respond bravely. Another bully may be our boss. We wish we’d dealt them with an iron hand.


Not taking vacations

According to research, people only take half of their allotted time off from work. They always regret that.


Had worried less

Worries are often only your imaginations. You develop negative thoughts and start thinking on a negative pattern.

You should have left him the first time he hit you

You wasted three precious years of life with someone who was not worth your time. You wasted your time just to bring things back on track. But he was never interested. Your family still talks about “that nice boy” and asks why you won’t speak to him. And you feel too ashamed.


Not saving more money

Saving some extra money is always beneficial especially later in life. As a matter of fact, when people are old, they always think they could have saved more.


Ending relationship

Relationships are hard to build. You might have left someone only due to misunderstanding. But you leave someone who loved you the most.


Worrying about what others think about you

Most people give more importance to what people think about them. People often get crazy about it. We start thinking that their thinking is important for our future and success.


Lack of self-confidence

We always think that we couldn’t handle certain issues properly because we lacked in self-confidence. We allowed others to play with our emotions.


Not applying to that dream job

People couldn’t apply to ‘that job’ because of their spouse or their child. It doesn’t matter whether it was a perfect job for you but you always regret not trying out for it.


Not paying attention to health

Health is one of the most important things in life. At a later stage, they always regret not getting good health care. And poor health costs more than anything in life.

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