Balancing Intimacy and Working Together as a Couple


Balancing work and play can be hard enough without the added pressure of spending every waking minute with your significant other. The stress of work can become invasive when there is no clear divide between hustle and home. It is important to agree on certain boundaries that will help the two of you to leave work at work. A little communication can go a long way in creating a healthy and happy atmosphere that you can both look forward to heading home to.


The most beneficial conversation you can raise with your lover will involve structuring your free time around a set of rules. Discuss and come to a compromise about certain times where work-related conversations, phone calls, and emails will be completely banned. If this is a difficult transition for the two of you, try making it into a game by imposing fun penalties on one another if anyone forgets the new plan.


Now let’s explore a few easy ways that you can rekindle the spark at the heart of your partnership in your home time. You don’t have to spend all your time together, but be sure to schedule in some fun times for the two of you. This can be as simple as creating little rituals into your lifestyle that doesn’t take up any time but simply enhance your existing lifestyle.


It can be extremely bonding to schedule a weekly date, but you don’t have to go out or spend money to enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes just a change of routine is enough to shift the energy of a relationship from draining to dynamic. All of the suggestions below are designed to maximize your downtime, transforming daily tasks into simple pleasures.


One of the easiest and most romantic ways to spice up your home life is to create a dinner time ritual. Light a candle, play some music and then try cooking something special together. A new recipe can be a great way to connect. If you don’t cook well together then create a feast. One of you can cook the main course and the other can be in charge of the desert.


If you are not in the mood to cook you could order some Chinese and have a little picnic in your garden, on the balcony or even in your living room! Better yet, skip dinner in favor of popcorn and a movie night. Perhaps you both like to read. Why not suggest reading together in bed, and make your partner a nice hot chocolate for the experience. Another simple but sexy tip is to turn bath-time into a treat. Try taking a bath together with a little chocolate and wine for the ultimate unwinding experience.


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