Signs of a Romance Scammer

Does your new partner seem too good to be true? Does it feel like your new relationship is a fairy tale straight out of Hollywood romantic comedies? If things are going TOO well, you might be dealing with a romance scammer. Read this advice to recognize the signs.

Who is a Romance Scammer?

A romance scammer is a person who fakes intimacy and affection. In a new relationship, a romance scammer will make you feel like you are the only person in the world. He or she picked up moves from tried out masters of romance and now they seduce unsuspecting partners.

Romance scamming is a form of conmanship. If someone is scamming you into thinking that they love you and they want to be with you forever, they are probably after something else.

How to Recognize a Romance Scammer?

  1. Things are going way faster than usual

Nobody likes things moving too slow in a relationship, but with a romance scammer, things actually get shifted to warp speed. You might find yourself doing things with this person it would normally take years in a different type of relationship. After just a couple of days, he introduced you to his friends. Now, weeks after, he’s asking if you want to meet his parents. If things are moving extra fast, you might be dealing with a romance scammer.

  1. There are intense feelings and statements involved

Some people simply express their feelings more easily and they will utter “I love you“ as soon as they start feeling it. However, romance scammers will jump the “I love you“ wagon as soon as they get the first opportunity. If it seems like your partner is over-the-top and dramatic when it comes to professions of love and affection, he could be a romance scammer.

  1. The person makes big plans early on in the relationship

Just like the “I love you“ bomb, a romance scammer will start making big plans too early in a relationship. Usually, there are certain steps that your relationship has to go through in order to be stable in the future. In a relationship with a romance scammer, there are simply no steps. They see the relationship as all or nothing. They will discuss huge, life-altering decisions very early on in a relationship. This way, they manage to succeed with fooling you into thinking that they are serious about you.

  1. The person is manipulative and narcissistic

If someone is manipulative and deceitful, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a romance scammer. However, all romance scammers are generally narcissists as well. They see your affection and love as a mode to get what they want. They don’t take your feelings into regard whatsoever and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. It might be hard to spot a manipulative person because they will also try to hide their deceitfulness and true intentions.

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