Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Being in an emotionally abusive relationship is not as easy to spot as a physically abusive one. There are no bruises and cuts, it all happens in your heart and mind. And more often are only realized once the damage has been done.

If you suspect that you are in an emotionally abusive relationship here are some signs to confirm your suspicions and to educate you to be aware of it in the future.


They use threats

Someone who wants to control your emotions will use threats to keep you intact. They want to get their way and in order to do so, they will say that they’ll take away things that are important to you. Or that they will harm themselves if you leave.

They set ultimatums

Ever heard “you either stay home with me or you can go out with your friends”?  You have been given a choice but you know which decision you have to make to avoid consequences.  Setting an ultimatum has the appearance of giving you a choice of free will but in reality, it forces you to choose what your partner wants.

They punish you with ‘no affection’

If your partner is withholding sex or kissing because you have showcased ‘bad behavior’ then they are emotionally abusing you. You shouldn’t ‘pay’ because you did something wrong in their eyes. Adults have a mature conversation and they figure it out together.

Blame you for everything

Even if the abuser is in the wrong they will always make it seem as if it’s your fault. Blaming you for everything that happens.  If they cheat on you it’s because you aren’t a good enough lover or spouse, making you feel worthless and empty.

No respect for your things

When someone wants to bring you down they will start breaking your things. Throwing stuff away that’s important to you or referring to your possessions as ‘junk’.

Doesn’t give you privacy

Someone who is emotionally abusive doesn’t want to give you your privacy they are constantly around checking up on you. And snooping through your phone or social media in order to control everything you do. They aren’t giving you your freedom and in this way they make you feel stuck.

Being in an emotionally abusive relationship can be draining and when you see any of these signs in yours it’s time to let go and move on.

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