Exclusive Sexual Relationship

What do we mean by being sexually exclusive?

Well, we mean that both parties in a sexual relationship don’t take part in sexual contact with other people. It really is simple, keep your pants on! Save the sex for your exclusive partnership!

How do you know if you are sexually exclusive?

Well, we recommend that before you become sexually intimate, you have the conversation. Make the decision together. Don’t ever just assume that you are mutually exclusive, because this can lead to some serious misunderstandings and can result in some serious heartache.

If you are at the point of considering having sex with someone, you should know them pretty well. You should also feel comfortable having an honest and open conversation with them. Talk about sex, talk about what sex means to you and find out what it means to them. Some people don’t see sexual contact as something serious, whereas other’s attitudes can see it as completely precious. Make sure you know what page you are both on. This is also a great time to find out a bit about your likes and dislikes. It doesn’t have to be a clinical conversation where you both sign a contract. Maybe broach the subject with your partner to begin finding out what page you are both on and then that conversation can turn from an agreement into an exploration. We see this as a great opportunity for finding out your exclusivity status and learning about each other’s desires. That can be a proper turn on.

You’ll also find that the sex will be great. You know what each other like and what each other doesn’t so you can play on that. Explore each other together without a doubt on knowing what it means.

What happens if you can’t wait?

Okay, so one thing led to another and you didn’t stop to chat. There really is no right or wrong here, we don’t set the rules. If you have had sexual contact with your partner, it still isn’t too late to discuss things. Find out where you both stand and come to an agreement. Again, use this as some foreplay too, you’ve already started on the road to exploration so why not explore it further?

Be Honest. We will keep saying it until it fully sinks into every generation; open and honest communication makes everything better. Don’t skip out on this part, it is important.

Please don’t say you are mutually exclusive and then have sexual contact with your ex. Don’t do it. Just be honest, say you are happy to see how things develop but now you are not ready to be sexually exclusive. If they aren’t happy with that, then fair play to them. We aren’t all able to commit to something with no commitment attached. But at least you can look back at your actions and know you were open about your feelings than beginning a relationship with deceit. For other articles on skipping out on exclusivity in your sexual and romantic relationship, check out My Boyfriend Has A Wandering Eye

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