Signs of Fragile Ego

Signs of a Fragile Ego — Everything You Must Know

When we imagine our future partner, we often do not think of someone with a huge ego or even the complete opposite


But how can we tell when looking for a suitable mate that they may have a fragile ego? We have been researching to find out just that. In this article, we are going to explore both individuals; one with an oversized ego and one with a fragile ego to see how they could affect your potential relationship.


Showing Off

Showing off is a clear sign of a fragile ego. We have all come across them, they are the loud and obnoxious type in the bar on a Friday night. They talk over you and crack far too many jokes. They keep on telling stories of barbaric behavior that they think makes them big and clever. So, your chap likes to show off; he likes being the center of attention because it makes him feel validated. Does this have to be considered a bad thing? We don’t think so.



Your partner is always asking you who is texting you or where you are going. They need constant reassurance that wherever it is. They are either welcome to come or that there will be no potential future partners there.

A partner who is overbearing has often experienced deceit in a relationship; they need to be reassured that you will not do the same. Check out this article on Signs of an Overbearing Boyfriend for more signs of such behavior.


Always Right

This heading will throw you off because they are not always right, they just can’t handle being wrong. They will correct you at every given opportunity and they will fight you until their last breath until you agree that they are right in an argument.

Sometimes, if you love them, just let them win because it doesn’t matter every time. However, this is an issue that needs to be addressed because you cannot be made to feel like you are always wrong as this will have negative effects on your own self-esteem.

Try to open a conversation about it. Use reason and kindness to explore the potential causes of this character trait. You may find out more about your partner than you know, and it could help them to overcome such issues. By being able to address things together, you are likely to grow closer and they will never forget your help and support. Don’t use it against them, be kind.


Emotionally Unavailable

We have all come across a potential partner who we feel holds themselves back. But have you ever considered asking the question of why they might be doing this?

We all come with our fair share of baggage and most of us also come with our fair share of hurt. Maybe this individual has been hurt a few too many times. So how do you get close to someone like this? Well, the truth is you can’t until they decide to let you in but you can definitely stick around to support them and make sure they feel super loved.  You may also like to check out this article about the Emotionally Unavailable Man.


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