A Lustful Man

In so many relationships it is the man that takes up the leadership role. Men are by nature more prone to set the direction and the pace of a relationship. Lust is one of the biggest challenges any man faces and that can have a dramatic effect on a relationship.


A lustful man will lead the relationship accordingly and unfortunately that turns into an unhealthy relationship. At this stage, it is important to note that not only men can be lustful in a relationship. Although men are more prone to being lustful, there are a few instances where the woman is the one who is the lustful individual in the relationship.


When building a Marriage only Relationship, one cannot build on the foundation of lust. It is important to understand that lust is not loved. These two concepts are not the same and will not have thee same outcome in a relationship. There are a few hints that can help you determine whether you are in a loving relationship or a lustful relationship. One needs to determine which one you are building your relationship on.


The first sign that proves you are in a lustful relationship is that you are more focused on your partner’s physical appearance and desired outcome instead of the actual person in front of you. There needs to be a healthy balance between the feelings you are motivated by in a relationship, it can’t just be feelings of physical attraction.


The next sign is the fact that you have this strong desire for physical affection from this person but with no need for emotional conversation with this person. Desiring affection in a relationship without any emotional connection is one of the leading signs that you are only in the relationship for self-gratification and the relationship is driven by lust. A smaller sign that is less common and not so easily spotted is the fact that because a relationship is driven by lust you feel that you cannot be yourself 100% around this person.


Lust is not the foundation you want to build your relationship on, because it is not a foundation that will last. At GoMarry.com we provide a platform for building a relationship on the right foundation from the start. Individuals who are interested in starting a long-term relationship and who are serious about marriage and family. GoMarry.com provides a marriage only matchmaking service.

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