Signs of being Stalked by an Ex

One of the most worrying things about breaking up with your partner is that they might switch and become a victim of one of those stalker types who just can’t let go and refuse to let you move on with your life.

Sometimes it can be difficult to even notice that your ex has started to stalk you, as there is so much more to stalking than just following you around.

There are a number of different signs you can look for, which could show you that your ex is stalking you, so take some of them on board and make sure that you are safe from any form of stalking by an ex.

It is natural that when you first break up, you are still going to want to know how your ex is and that they are doing fine. However, when it comes to stalking by an ex, they want to know so much more than that. They will try to get information from your friends, family and work colleagues, to find out exactly what you are doing and when you are doing it.


In order to work out where you will be at any given moment in time and who knows your ex is doing it because he has evil designs?You might think that changing your phone number might help but a stalking ex is not going to let that stop him or her, they will always find a way of finding out your new number and what you are doing. Blocking their number doesn’t help either, as they will just keep changing their number so that they can always contact you.


Another clear cut sign that you are being stalked by your ex, is when they keep showing up at places where you are when you are just out and about.

They “accidentally” bump into at the coffee shop or restaurant, or anywhere you happen to have gone. This is no accident, this is planned out and a sign that they are stalking you and where you go.

They also shop up at your house for no reason, without any invitation. They do everything that they can possibly think of to be in your presence or even just to know where you are and what you are doing.

When you make it perfectly clear that it is over forever, they get aggressive and make threats. They threaten that they will share your personal information on the internet or share intimate pictures of you online. All of these things are major signs that you are being stalked by your ex and that you need to take action.

If any of these things sound familiar to you and you are concerned that you are being stalked by your ex, then you can make sure that you talk to your family, talk to your friends, make everyone aware of what is going on.

In any case, you should know what is going on and what would be the possible remedies? Also, make sure that you seek advice on how you can make it stop. There will be contact numbers of available helplines to deal with such cases, where they will tell you everything you need to know. Stalking by an ex is not ok, so make sure that you put a stop to it before something serious happens.

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