Signs of Stalking

Ever notice a certain person always showing up at your events? Ever notice them looking for signs in seemly meaningless objects or gestures? Ever receive a gift that you thought was somewhat inappropriate?  Anyone of these in a single incident can be explained away but when they occur with frequency then there is every possibility that this person is stalking you.


Stalkers take on various forms. They exhibit some obvious signs but others are a bit more subtle in their methods. For example, you may start to notice this person popping up at your local supermarket and stopping to say hello. On the surface this is innocent. However, when it continually happens, alarm bells should go off. The behavior will only escalate and soon they will be showing up at more places and more frequently.


Some stalkers will take on the role of the good Samaritan. They will fixate on their victim, waiting for an opportunity. For example, they may just conveniently be there when your car won’t start and offer you a ride. They may be passing by when they hear the news of the death of a relative or pet and offer you a shoulder to cry on. The danger begins when opportunities don’t present themselves frequently enough. When this occurs they will start to create them and wreak havoc upon a person’s life.


Social media has aided stalkers greatly in their ability to track their victims. If you notice someone inquiring about your own social media activity then it could be a warning sign to pay attention to. The stalker wants access to you and the internet is a quick and easy way. Keep your privacy settings on high and block users that you don’t want to speak to. If the person confronts you in person you may have to, be blunt and simply tell them that your social media activity is your business only.


We all like receiving gifts. However, the stalker might go overboard or send something that you find inappropriate. At first, you may be flattered and not want to hurt the person’s feelings but to be on the safe side you should send the gift back immediately. Hanging onto it only fuels their fixation and will lead to an increase in the behavior.


Stalkers will often get extreme in their behavior. It may sound outlandish but lawsuits are sometimes used by stalkers to gain access to their victims, especially when other lines of communication have been cut. The stalker wants time with their victim so filing a lawsuit for some frivolous reasons means they get the much wasted time. The meeting will not likely end in the stalker getting their wishes fulfilled but remember, they are not rational thinkers. They are often deluded and the fantasy of spending time with their victim often overrides common sense.


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