Signs That You Won His Heart

As we get older many things in life become easier. One major exception to this rule is relationships. Scars from past failed romances often follow us into our new relationships. Many people, especially women chose to be alone in later years rather than risk having their heart broken once again. The problem is made slightly worse by the behavior of men. Men often don’t show their feelings. They are brought up to be tougher, stronger and to many of them, expressing feelings is a sign of weakness. However, even though they don’t come out and say it, men often show how they feel in other ways.


Do you get a text off of him nearly every day? Do those texts come first thing in the morning and carry on at various times of the day? If this is the case then it is a good sign that you have won him over. Texting is our digital worlds most common method of communication. Those messages may seem insignificant but they are an indicator that he is thinking of you throughout the day.


Ever hear the saying, “Honesty is the best policy.” Well, it holds especially true for relationships. If a man is honest with you about major issues then it is a sign that he values you. We all tell the odd fib now and then and that is relatively harmless. Large issues like money, work, the state of the relationship are large areas of concern. If he is honest even knowing that the truth will place him in hot water then he is a man of substance. Go ahead and be angry but when it passes consider forgiveness.


Does he show an interest in spending time with you? If so then this is a great sign. If he makes the effort to do things with you then he is showing that you are important to him. If he makes an effort to learn your interests and take part in your hobbies then that is a sign that he is truly smitten.


Some men will stay on good terms with their ex-girlfriends. This is nothing to panic about and in fact, it is a good sign of maturity. However, you may notice that he slowly starts to distance himself away from those former partners because of you. This doesn’t mean he will cut contact completely but you will be the priority.


Does he seem protective? This doesn’t mean overprotective or that he will throw himself in front of a bullet for you. But if he seems to care when you are feeling down or wants to share in your problems then this is a very positive sign that his heart belongs to you.


Finally, does he treat you with respect? Does he seem to want you to have the best? This doesn’t mean showing you with gifts but does he want you to achieve your goals? Does he help you to reach them? If so then he is definitely one worth holding onto. Are you looking for that ideal partner? then sign up for Soon you will be on the path to true love and a fulfilling relationship.



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