Stop Aggressive Women and Avoid Domestic Violence

Women have seen quite a reversal of roles over the past 50 years. Over the last half-century, women have transformed from home-makers to breadwinners. It isn’t uncommon in this day and age to see a woman earning a higher salary than her male partner. Women have become more assertive, strong, eager and outspoken in the home and the workplace. One could suggest that this is a positive step toward a more equal and modern world.


Although both genders may welcome the new shared responsibility among the sexes, the situation quickly becomes negative with assertiveness is transformed into aggression. Most females cannot inflict the same effects with physical aggression as a male. Although there are exceptions females, on the whole, tend to have less physical strength. Aggressive women tend to attack in a different manner and that is through words and thought manipulation.


Aggressive women are not afraid to use a variety of devices in their arsenal. Many will resort to gossip, character assassination and outright verbal abuse to remove anyone seen as a threat or competitor. Although the attacks are not physical, they are no less dangerous. When women begin to use verbal threats against their partner it can be a warning sign that the relationship is deteriorating to a low and potentially dangerous level. Female aggression can undermine male confidence and lead to depression, darkness and in extreme cases even death. 


Emotional and verbal abuse can be harder to see than physical abuse. Physical abuse can leave outward signs such as bruising and wounds. The emotional does not present such visible marks. Emotional abuse takes place over a period of time. In this case, the woman will slowly start to undermine the man’s confidence and self-esteem until he either seeks help and breaks free or is under her control.


Why are words so dangerous for men? Why can the toxic behavior of a woman create such an adverse reaction and undermine their confidence? Some men even state that they lose all confidence in love and finding another partner after escaping and terminating a former abusive relationship. The effects can be deep and devastating. Men have very little experience or skills in dealing with verbal attacks. While many men have possibly experienced some form of physical aggression. Also, many are more mentally prepared for such an altercation. However verbal attacks tend to confuse them. They have no defense and are not prepared in ways to protect themselves.


Men can learn, however, the situation can be tricky. Society is now far more accepting of the idea of domestic violence against women. However, men in similar situations don’t encounter the same level of support. Society accepts that female aggression exists but if a man strikes back against a female he is then often looked upon as the aggressor. Men are left in a very vulnerable position when it comes to dealing with a verbally aggressive female.

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