Signs that you’re in a Suffocating Relationship

Suffocation is the inability to breathe. Being in a suffocating relationship means that you’re restricted by your significant other either in freedom of movement or freedom of thought. Odds are that if you felt the need to read this article, you’re probably in a one. Something you’re feeling inside made you want to check if it explains your situation. When you’re in a suffocating relationship it is easy to be so blinded by the time spent together and all those fond memories in the past that you don’t see that your significant other is driving you crazy.


  1. Your significant other is being too needy or clingy.


They need your attention for everything and become upset when you aren’t giving them your 100% undivided attention. Sadly, it is also common for a clingy partner to not pay attention to your needs properly. For instance, they might go on for a few hours about their terrible day or something they really want to buy but as soon as it’s your turn, they aren’t very supportive.


There are many other common ways that your significant other might be trying to manipulate you to meet their emotional needs. It is a big red flag if they constantly complain about you not spending enough quality time with them, even if they already encompass your entire schedule. Another big red flag is they are making up illnesses to stop you from going places, or worse yet, asking you to take a day off of work to take care of them.


  1. They want to spend every minute of the day with you.


Your significant other might be intruding into every aspect of your life. Do they show up at your work regularly to have lunch with you even though you don’t have time or already had plans to go to lunch with co-workers? Do they invite themselves to friend hangout sessions and get mad if you tell them you’d rather they not come? Do they plan out you’re after work schedule or weekend without discussing it with you and get mad if you tell them no? These are all indicative of them not giving you the space you need.


  1. They call and text constantly throughout the day.


Does your partner contact you throughout the day just to get know that you are thinking about them? At first, it might have seemed cute and caring but, the conversations have become “Did you eat already?” “What did you eat?” “You’re going to the bathroom again?” “Do you miss me?” “Why aren’t you replying?!”. This is more of a play-by-play than a conversation and over time it can become infuriating.


  1. They are ridiculously jealous.


One sign of this is that they are always concerned with who you’re with whenever you’re not with them. If they find out that someone from the opposite sex is around you, they instantly start to get visibly agitated and start questioning whether you really love them or not. This can start to turn into emotional abuse so be very wary of it.


  1. You are making excuses to spend time with them.


Once you start to feel suffocated, you’ll intentionally or not, start to distance yourself from them. You might start saying you need some “me time” because you’re so tired of being with your partner and all the work it entails. It’s so bad; you’re starting to lie just to feel a few hours of freedom.


Obviously, everyone has a different love language and one person suffocating relationship is another person’s love of their life. Check out to see if you can find the person who speaks the same love language as you.

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