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Unhealthy Relationship: Red Flags of Jealousy


Monogamy comes with a certain dynamic that exists in every relationship. Once you’ve decided to make such a bond with someone, there is a protective trait that forms which has you instinctively looking out for potential threats to your partner as well as yourself. You develop a radar that picks up every situation that might compromise the relationship. However, like with all things, there needs to be balanced.


I think it’s more common for men to get jealous as they are more territorial. And more prone to being influenced by those protective elements within them. It’s natural to be jealous, but sometimes things can be taken too far.

If your man doesn’t let you go out without him


If he really trusts you and you have a healthy relationship, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to go partying with your friends. This kind of behavior is a strong indicator that he is – or will soon become – highly controlling in the relationship.

If he doesn’t let you talk to other guys

This type of jealousy typically comes from a place of insecurity. Either he doesn’t feel like he can trust you, he doesn’t feel like he’s good enough compared to other guys, or some combination of both. This kind of control is also unhealthy and is only going to make you feel restricted and disrespected.

No physical contact


An extremely possessive trait is when a man gets mad anytime someone makes physical contact with his partner. It might not even be another guy in some cases. He has an idea in his mind that he owns you and no one else should be allowed to touch you at all.



If he’s too clingy, he might want all of your attention to be focused on him, and he’ll get jealous if you ignore him for more than a couple minutes. In this case, simply having conversations with other people will be a problem for him.

Difference Between Jealousy & Over Protective


There’s a difference between being jealous and being protective. But defining the line between normal and over the top jealousy is not easy. We live in a dangerous world with many people who wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of an unaware person, especially a woman. The sad truth is that men can be particularly malicious, and it would be naïve for a woman to automatically assume that every guy has innocent intentions. Men know what other men are like, so it’s normal to be defensive and cautious when another guy pays attention to a man’s wife or girlfriend. But there is a limit where caution and protection turn into paranoia and obsession. You might also find this article interesting.




Usually, jealousy is created by a person’s insecurities. If someone is comfortable with who they are and the strength of their relationship, jealousy shouldn’t be a factor. Your partner is being jealous, it’s up to you to decide if it’s unhealthy behavior. It’s a natural understandable reaction that can be worked out by practicing trust and communication.


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