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Simply Saying “I’m Sorry” Can’t Change What You Did To Me

‘Sorry’ is just a word. It is only five letters strung together which falls out of people’s mouths like air


People say, ‘I’m sorry’ without any thought. They don’t bother what this really means. They don’t consider that ‘I’m sorry’ means a lot like an entire world of promises, of second chances, of making up, of choosing the future over a mistake.

You’re not a robot but you’re a human. You don’t have the option to turn on and off your emotions. And you don’t work on pressing the right buttons. You can’t choose between the feelings; the bad ones you want to forget and the good ones you want to remember. You don’t have the ability to snap your fingers and erase all the bitter experiences and bad memories. You can’t erase your past or you can’t control your thoughts.

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So it’s important for your partner to understand that you can’t accept his apology just like that. You can’t forgive him and pretend that nothing happened. He didn’t play with your emotions and made your life ‘a living hell.’


‘I’m sorry’ is never enough!

And silly, reckless boy, ‘I’m sorry’ doesn’t change the past. It doesn’t put you back in that situation to make a better decision. You can’t rewrite the past. It can’t clear the part of your mind which replays that moment in your head on a loop. Your partner can only tape or glue your heart with a ‘sorry’ but it will never mend your heart.

As a matter of fact, you still feel hollow, you’re still hurt and you still bleed.


It’s a point when you can’t forgive your partner

You’re not doing this to show your concerns. You’re not doing this to teach him a lesson. Or you want him to feel sorry for his mistakes. The real point is that you can’t accept his apology because deep in your heart, you know that you can’t forgive him for real. You can’t give false forgiveness. After all, he has broken your heart and it’s not for the first time. So why should you accept his apology? Enough is enough.


You can’t accept his ‘sorry’ because

He wasted many years of your life. He cheated on you and makes you believe his fake love. And the worst thing is that he manipulated you into blaming yourself for his mistakes. As a matter of fact, the realization of all these things shattered your heart into pieces. A simple sorry can reverse all the lies and insult he kept giving you over the years. He was always your top priority but he always treated you as a ‘second best.’

In a relationship, you must be transparent like an open book. His name and love were written on every page of your life. He doesn’t deserve to sleep peacefully, thinking that you forgave him for all his evil deeds. He deserves punishment because he had broken your heart. You’re no more the same happy girl.

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