Single Parent dating

If you’re a single parent you probably haven’t thought of dating someone in a long time. Not because you really just don’t have the time but probably because you are also very scared of being hurt again.

Your number one priority is your child/children and you are putting them first. Your dating life has been playing second fiddle for some time now and you have been considering starting dating soon.

But here’s the thing. If you are a single parent you don’t want to be wasting your time on online dating sites where other singles are only interested in hooking up. Maybe singles aren’t sure whether they’d like to commit to someone who already has children or who are divorced.

You also don’t want to go through the dreadful process of dating and then facing the facts that you have to tell someone you are really interested in about your family arrangement. Perhaps someone who signed up on a casual dating site isn’t ready for something serious or they’re not mature enough to deal with an ex or with having an immediate child.

Scaring someone off on the first date while sharing this information can be scary, making you feel frustrated and even worse, let you give up on dating and love forever. Another scenario, that you probably thought of already, is that you’ll end up spending time with someone, you fall in love, your kids fall in love and then later along the line the relationship may come to an abrupt end because they only now realized that maybe it isn’t what they were looking for anymore.

The last-mentioned scenario is even worse, because not only will they be breaking up with you, but they will be breaking up with your kids too. Breaking your family for the second time.

When you are yearning for something real again, look no further than the world’s first Marriage only Matchmaking site called When you sign up for you will meet up with other singles who are ready to commit and become a parent and role model to your children. Or you will meet other single parents who are also looking for a partner to commit within their family structure.

Having the opportunity to be in a Marriage only Relationship will give you a sense of security! You’ll know that your heart will be safe as well as your children’s. You can build and grow together without anyone wanting to opt out halfway through.

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