The First Six Months of a Relationship

The first six months of a relationship can be some of the most exhilarating times for a couple. Every touch is electrified. Mundane tasks are turned into romantic escapades. And every day is a chance to build an even stronger bond than the next. Here are five things that happen in the first six months of a relationship that points to a love story a happy ending.


  1. You can’t get enough of each other – they are the first person you think about when you wake up and the last before going to bed. You spend all your available free time with them, and every day your bond strengthens. You have inside jokes, and start to feel comfortable sharing personal details of yourself with them. You’re simply giddy with lust for each other. This is a perfectly normal, and healthy part of any budding relationship.


2.     You meet each other’s families – meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend’s family is so vital in deepening your understanding of them. Getting a sense of how they grew up and what made them into the person they are today is a milestone in any relationship. It’s also a nerve-wracking experience. But, when they see how happy you make their son/daughter/brother/sister it adds another layer to your couple. Soon you may even be brought into the familial fold, which can mean promising things for your future together.


3. You don’t withhold feelings or play games – playing it cool is one thing, but deliberately withholding feelings or playing mind games can be a recipe for disaster. This, of course, can lead to fights and distrust – qualities that can damage a relationship before it’s even had the chance to start. Honest and open conversations don’t always mean that you will agree, and to some extent, healthy disagreements are bond forming as well, but when a relationship’s foundation is built on truthfulness, love has the ability to flourish.


4. You see each other clearly – for the first six months of a relationship you try your hardest to be on your best behavior. Meaning, you haven’t unleashed any crazy yet! But, if you are with a partner that accepts you for you, flaws and all, the likelihood of you staying together for the long haul is higher. No one should hide who they really are for the sake of a relationship. It’s exhausting enough trying to navigate the influx of oxytocin and hormones that comes along with the love-drunk honeymoon phase anyways.


5. The Sixth Month Milestone – congratulations, you made it this far! It’s been quite the rollercoaster of lust and love. Now, that those above-mentioned hormones are regulating themselves again, you’re starting to move into a new phase of your couple. If you made it here, then both of you realize how much you really care and love each other. The Honeymoon Phase may or may not have worn off, but moving forward towards a long- term relationship seems like a mutual goal. Now, this is where the real hard work begins!

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