Stages of Love

Stages Of Love: Why You Should Change Yourself


All relationships will usually go through several stages. The first stage, without any doubt, is the honeymoon period. This is the time when you learn many things about each other. After that stage, the phase of adaptation starts. At this stage, you start taking things off your partner for granted. You also pass through the phases of intense love, friendship, satiety, and rejection. As a matter of fact, men usually are unable to express their feelings as openly as women do. They want their actions should speak louder than their words. They like to show what they feel rather than expressing it. However, a real man will definitely not do everything for just any woman out there.


Men are known as hard creatures as far as emotions are concerned. However, love is a crazy thing and it can change a guy in ways that you never thought possible. Let’s see what happens to him.


He’s willing to open up

Guys are quite closed off emotionally. Men don’t talk much when things are bothering them and trying to keep silent even troubled by something. When he tries to open up and express what he thinks and feels about is a sign that he is changing for your love.


He loves to discuss your personality traits

When a man truly loves you, you can expect him to gush and gloat about you everywhere. When he sincerely loves you, he’s always willing to talk about your beauty and success with everybody in his circle.


Becomes a better listener

It is not wrong to say that talking to most men is like talking to a brick wall. They don’t care what you’re saying. But in pure love, he is willing to know what you want to say. Even he loves to listen to all the gossips going on in your friends’ circle.


Starts rearranging his schedule

When you initially start dating a guy, he may or may not change or modify his schedule. But when a guy really starts loving you, he even changes or skips his important tasks to spend time with you. He always prioritizes you and always at his toes even if you call him for a last-minute dinner.


Communicate a lot

Generally, guys don’t like to stay in touch all the time. When they’re in true love, you’ll observe a lot more communication. He will text or call you to ask what you’re doing or text you to tell about something crazy that just happened to him.


Plans for future

Some men plan while others don’t. However, a guy seriously involved in you starts talking about the future. He will consult you about how to plan after marriage. It clearly shows that your name is all over his heart and it has changed him completely.

He keeps smiling

Love makes a man happy. He always keeps on smiling, particularly when he is spending time with you. You will observe a constant smile and glow on the face of your true love. If you’re looking for such a man, try

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