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How to Change Your Life After Getting Married


One of the questions on our mind during adult life, or maybe even sooner, is: what is a marriage like? Will my partner and I change after getting married? It could be something to worry about or a reason for joy. But what actually happens? Well, you could visit, find true love, tie the knot and never have an extra concern for the rest of your joint lives. A few things actually do become different, and most of them you’ll really enjoy.

You get 100% comfortable with each other

While still in the unmarried couple phase, some individuals continue to have awkward moments or times when they don’t want to look weird in front of their partners. Once everything is official, those seem to completely go away. You won’t be embarrassed about brushing your teeth in front of your wife or husband or eating a whole burger in five minutes.

You’ll feel totally okay with sharing some of your most personal thoughts or fears, and your perfect half will do the same. It is said that couples sometimes fit so comfortably into their new lives, that another change after getting married is them both gaining weight.


Your new status makes a difference

Unless you sign a contract that says otherwise, of course. Sharing the last name brings you closer than you might think, in legal and economical ways. At some level, it could give you a sense of safety. And it makes it easier when signing your kids up for school camps.


You’re working side by side for a better life

Whatever fight one of you is fighting, you’re now a team. When one gets a new job or a promotion at work, it affects both of your lives. Happiness regarding your partner’s achievements is greater than it was before becoming a family. The money you earn, objects you own, hardships you go through, they’re all supposed to be shared.


Your physical intimacy might be different

This is one of the things many couples fear: that their sex life will change after getting married. No worries, it doesn’t have to be worse. It is true that in some marriages, sexual activities might happen less often than they did before.

On the other hand, couples do say their satisfaction levels improved too. That brings us back to the first point: being comfortable with each other. This also means sharing fantasies and trusting your partner enough to try new things you both might like.


Your time is a common good

Not only do you share money, a house, your kids and the last name, but plans you make also feel even more common than before. You’ll make compromises and try to include those activities which both of you like, or must do for the sake of family and household. Obviously, don’t forget that each of you must have time for yourselves as well.

This can be quite fun, as you’ll be able to discover and enjoy new places together. It gives you the chance to build your own little traditions, while also including those you already had in your lives growing up.


Communication is key, at all times

Honestly, this shouldn’t just change after getting married. Openly talking to each other ought to be a part of your lives constantly, throughout the relationship. You might be afraid that you’ll fight more, but it’s also the best way to mend the situation.

Marriage isn’t about playing mind games, it’s about being tolerant towards the person you’ll supposedly share the rest of your existence with. It does look like it means more responsibility, but that’s what a serious relationship is all about in the first place, right?

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