Stop a Man from Withdrawing


What does it mean when a man starts pulling away? Well, it’s basically when they don’t phone you as often as they used to, or when they don’t use the initiative to spark up conversations or arrange dates. There was a time when all they could do was chase after you and try everything in their power to get your attention. But now they seem more distant and less interested.


When a man starts pulling away a woman will go into a panic. Thinking of all the things she has done to scare him away. This causes her to do anything and everything she wouldn’t usually do to reel the man back in, and then inadvertently pushing him even further away. Women feel powerless and don’t know what the next move is.

Here are a few things you can do when you see that he is emotionally withdrawing before he completely pulls away.

  1. Don’t chase

Men are natural hunters and they want things that they can’t have. When you are constantly putting yourself on a golden plate for him to take a bite out of whenever he wishes, he will lose interest extremely fast. Make it difficult for him to get back to you. If you’ve asked him out once and he said that he’s ‘too busy’. Let it be! Wait for him to phone you the next time. He will eventually miss you and initiate the next date and then you’ll gladly accept. By the end of the date, make sure you cut it short. Leave a little bit earlier saying you have to get up early to do something important. In this way, you leave him wanting more and you leave a bit of mystery.

  1. Focus on yourself

Nothing shows a man that you are the best thing in life like working on yourself. Spend time with friends and go to the gym. When he sees that you can live without him and have fun without him, he’ll want to be part of that life even more.

  1. Don’t stalk

Keep yourself from constantly obsessing over his social media posts. Finding old photos of him and spending hours going through them while envisioning your future together. This will completely take over your thoughts in a very unhealthy way.

  1. Stay calm

By staying calm and not getting angry when he can’t spend time with you, it will make you look like a girlfriend who will give him space whenever he needs it. Because the fact is that no man wants someone in their life who is controlling and gets angry when he wants to focus on something else.


If your man is withdrawing you could always let him go and meet someone new. is a great alternative to find someone who would love to spend all their time with you and are emotionally available.

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