Infatuation vs Love

Oh, the sweet penchant feeling of infatuation is so great that it can take over all our thoughts. It makes you feel such a strong love that you believe it will never go away. But is infatuation love? True love? Or what is the difference?

Infatuation can be defined as an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something. It’s to be passionately and obsessively infatuated with someone. You become obsessed with their every move. It’s safe to say that infatuation usually occurs when you are younger. First love can take over all your thoughts and you become completely enthralled with them. Your grades fall and your interests become fewer and fewer. The love is intense, steamy and extremely corny.

Love can be defined as an intense feeling of deep affection towards someone or something. It makes you compassionate, caring, kind and sympathetic. It’s safe to say that love has many different forms. You can love your pet, your mom and your friend in a lot of different ways. But you aren’t infatuated with your pet, your mom or your friend. You truly and deeply care for them.

And that is the difference. Love is everlasting and can be unconditional, it reaches parts of your soul and stretches over a long period of time while taking on a variety of different forms. Whereas infatuation lasts only but a few months.

When infatuation dies down it will be as if you’ve never even known the person you were infatuated with. They fade along with the obsession and adoration. You will shift your focus onto someone else. This proofing that there wasn’t any real love involved.

Love can become stronger through time. You can create and form beautiful and durable love for someone over a long time. This brings me to where you can find such a strong love. If you’re looking for something as deep and long-lasting as true love you can find it, it’s so easy as signing up to

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