Stories You Should Not Tell On the First Date

Stories You Should Not Tell On the First Date

First dates are exciting for anyone, particularly for young ones who may not have gone out on a date!


If you want to make them say ‘aww’ instead of ‘ugh,’ let me tell you the stories not to share. Having said this, a first date can also turn into the perfect storm of tactlessness, hormones, and nerves. You can easily screw up the date by doing or saying the wrong thing.

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Your previous relationship

The first date is like a primary introduction. It’s not the right time to tell your partner about your last relationship. Instead of that, you can share your childhood memories. She will not like to hear about your ex on the very first date. Further, it can ruin your new relationship before it gets a start. So be careful.


Family issues

Talking a little about your family is always a cool thing on the first date. But your potential lover doesn’t need to hear that your Aunt Nancy isn’t speaking to your mom because of a fight last summer. Save these precious family moments for another date.

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Your sexual desires

Your date will be fully aware that you might have sex and you eventually want to have sex with her. But she is not interested in knowing your sexual preferences at the moment. Seal those lips on this subject.


Never talk about your insecurities

When you’re feeling nervous, you give statements like ‘I guess so,’ ‘kinda,’ ‘sorta,’ ‘maybe. ‘It shows the uncertainty and insecurity of your personality. Never use such words on the first date because they’ll not give a good impression of your personality.


You hate your job

Well, most of us are not happy with our jobs. But you should avoid sharing such stories with your potential lover at the very first date.  She’s not here to listen to your office issues. Talk about things that you love and your passion will shine through.


You are looking to get married

First, you need to learn about each other and how comfortable you’ll feel with each other. You’ll have to look for mental approach and compatibility before moving forward. You might think it shows you’re someone interested in a committed relationship, but it can scare them off. Again, keep it light!


No, really, it’s true!

Be honest and be yourself. Don’t over exaggerate things. You should not pose a different attitude and never look like a fake person. You might feel pressure to exaggerate, but you want your date to like you for you, not for something fake. Besides, if they catch you in a lie later, it’ll look really bad!


Sorrows of your past

We all go through hard ships during our life and we want to share these feelings. But the first date is not the ideal time to share your sorrows and pains. If you’re looking for true love, register at, the world’s leading marriage site. Here you’ll find a sincere and caring partner for a lifelong relationship.

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