Sleeping With The Enemy: 5 Reasons You’re Attracted To Women You Can’t Stand

Traditionally, it has been taught to us that we should only sleep with people that we love. The very thought of combining such an intimate act with your arch-nemesis can seem taboo. But for some confusing reason, hate sex is a thing. Here are the five top reasons why you might be fraternizing with the enemy.

  1. Sexual Chemistry

It is possible to be wildly attracted to someone whom you cannot stand. Weirdly, it is scientifically documented that many people are aroused by anger. This is because our animal nature is awakened when we experience emotions such as hatred and rage. You might find yourself secretly drawn to the unpredictable, feisty nature of your hookup. It could be that there is a power dynamic involved, and subconsciously you may be interested in exploring a sexually aggressive woman.


  1. No Strings Attached

You don’t feel like you have to make love. The act of shagging someone that you despise is purely physical. There is no pressure to impress her, which allows you to ask for exactly what you want without any emotional consequences.  Her opinion doesn’t matter to you so you can get away with texting her whenever you want for a booty call.


  1. You Want What You Can’t Have

The thrill of the chase is hardwired into the psyche of every male. There is something about the challenge of landing a hot female who seems unattainable that drives us wild! The harder and more unlikely it is to get the prize, the more desirable it seems. There is an element of escapism involved in wanting to tap into the “forbidden”.


  1. You Don’t Love Yourself (Yet)

If you are constantly lusting over toxic women it could be a sign that you have underlying issues. It is well known that humans are attracted to the same things that have harmed us in the past. For example, you may have grown up in a home where your mother was verbally abusive, and in adulthood, you find yourself repeatedly drawn to women with a sharp tongue. At a subconscious level, you are self-sabotaging. For more information on how to stop self-destructive behavior in relationships. It is important to note the difference between engaging in sex versus forging a relationship with a woman that you dislike, which could be potentially harmful.


  1. You Haven’t Found Anyone Else Yet

A lack of options is enough to drive the most stoic of men into the arms of their nearest psycho ex. Perhaps you have not yet signed up to and you feel you have no other choice! Remember that it is definitely possible to find an irresistibly sexy woman that you also love to spend time with. Maybe you just need to try something different, like using a dating site designed to match your detailed preferences to women in your area.

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