Strong Connection: Discussing Feelings Is the Only Way

Strong Connection: Discussing Feelings Is the Only Way

While it is tempting to hide certain feelings, you can’t develop a strong connection with someone unless you are prepared to risk sharing your emotions


If you have met your match on, and now you want to take things to the next level emotionally.

well! discussing feelings is the key to the ladder that will lift your relationship.

How else will your partner know who you really are? Over time, hiding emotions from your significant other will start to feel as though you are only cared for at surface level. It won’t feel like true love at all. Instead, it will feel like your other half only loves who they think you are, the persona you have created to keep the peace.

People-pleasing is a bad habit, and despite what you may think. It will not gain you respect, admiration or an authentic connection.  While it is great to consider the feelings of others, there are times when you need to honor your feelings. The strong connection needs you to stay true to who you are and what you believe in.

The more emotionally honest you are with someone, the closer you will become. Sharing feelings enhance trust. It creates a world where what may not be known, accepted or understood by others, is nurtured by you and your lover.


Self Expression is Self Love

How is your beloved supposed to know how to be good to you, if you can’t be real with them?

By revealing your true feelings about what makes you anxious, unhappy or displeased; you are practicing a powerful form of self-love. It means you are essentially training your partner to avoid causing you negative experiences.

This is vastly different from expecting your partner to make you happy. It’s okay to be forward about negative emotions. It’s human and your experiences are valid. However, you need to do so in such a way that you are simply sharing what you are going through, without asking for anything in return. That is how the foundation of a strong connection is laid.

See it as an informative experience. You are giving feedback to your partner about your emotions and it isn’t a personal attack directed at them.

Practicing mindfulness can help you to gain perspective and objectivity on any matter.

This approach will make the world of difference when it comes to conflict resolution, and getting on the same page as your significant other.


Hiding Your Feelings Is Not Good For You

Hiding your emotions is not healthy and can take a serious toll on you. Suppressed emotions have the tendency to emerge at inappropriate times and in strangely anti-social ways.

Wouldn’t you rather take control of the situation immediately and address your feelings before they sneak out in ways that don’t make sense to others?

Some of the ways that bottled up emotions emerge are through passive-aggressive behavior, body language, and even reckless actions.

Do yourself and your partner a favor by learning how to take responsibility for your emotional well being.

While you’re at it, you might want to double check that you know how to express empathy ( so that when you start to share your emotions, it doesn’t become a one-way show.

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