Super Sexy Body Language for Women

Super Sexy Body Language for Women

Whether you’re sitting, standing or dancing, your body and facial expression convey subtle signals about your mood and intentions


With a little self-awareness and the right information, you can learn to control your super sexy body language and use it to your advantage when you flirt. It’s actually really easy to use, and you don’t need to pull out the classic hair flip to be seen as the sexy woman that you already are.

Unless you are a trained actress or pathological liar, it is likely that you are giving away your inner feelings without realizing it.

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It doesn’t matter what you look like because the following tips are more about showing your sexy and confident spirit than posing or flashing your cleavage like Madonna. Whether you are preparing for a first date or hitting the bar with your friends, the right body language will catch a man’s attention and make you a master of seduction.


Smiling and Laughter

The best way to make a man feel more like a man is to laugh wildly at all of his jokes. For the sake of a hookup, they don’t need to be funny for you to laugh. Stroke his male ego and he will be captivated by your charm.

A smile shows that you are open, friendly, interested and fun to be with. These are the qualities that most men look for in a hookup. You can capture the attention of a man immediately by smiling at him out of nowhere. A naughty smile is an index of your super sexy body language.

A smile is a powerful and sexy weapon that you can use to show your inner strength. No matter what you are going through.By smiling you show the world that you can rise above your circumstances and still see the good in the world. The bonus of forcing yourself to laugh and smile when you don’t feel like it is that before you know it you will take on the mood for real.


Flirt With Your Eyes

Eye contact is a powerful way to connect from across a crowded room. By meeting his eyes and holding his gaze, you create a sexy “moment” that will get his attention quickly. Be brave when you look into his eyes and only look away after a few seconds.

This will show him that you are confident and not intimidated by him. The key is to find the balance between an intense look, versus staring unnecessarily too long. It’s better to be the first one to look away so that he isn’t one hundred percent sure if you are into him. By looking away, you retain an aura of mystery that will soon have him approaching you for more.

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Light Touching

The perfect move is to gently touch his arm or forearm whilst laughing. It heightens the connection between you and shows him that you might be interested. Men like physical affection and tapping him playfully will hint to him that you enjoy physical contact.

If things are heating up between the two of you. You could place your hand on his thigh briefly to signal that you want to take things further. Use any excuse to touch him accidentally or flirtatiously. For example, you could steal his sunglasses, or ask to stroke his head if he has a number four haircut.

If you are at a restaurant when the bill comes you can “accidentally” touch his hand by reaching for it at the same time as him. If you have the opportunity to sit or stand next to him in a crowded environment, do it! When he feels your body jammed up against his, he will read your supers sexy body language.  He’s bound to get sexy vibes from you.

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