Strong Women

Why Strong Women Don’t Beg for Love


Things have certainly changed as the ages have passed. For years it was the tradition that men were the superiors and women obeyed the law of men. But as things progressed, women began to rise up and express their power. Strong women like Joan of Arc began to break the mold, setting an example for women all around the world, letting them know that they don’t have to abide by the standards of men. Find the right for you at


Controlling Behavior


A lot of men prefer a weaker woman who they can control. It is easier to get a weak woman to conform to their expectations. Some men will even go so far as to play on a woman’s insecurities to bring out whatever weaknesses she made have within her. This is the sign of a weak man. Petty men without any confidence in their own virtues are the types who seek out fragile women in need of direction. This kind of man will expect a weaker woman to live by his rules, go wherever he says, give him space when he requests it, and drops whatever she’s doing to attend to his desires.


Fears From Past Relationship


Many women in this scenario don’t see the harm in such a relationship. Their perceptions have been warped either by society or more commonly, by their past relationships. Often times, women without stable father figures will end up searching for that reliable male role in a man, only to settle for any immature fool who pays enough attention to them. Previous relationships may have ended badly, leaving this type of woman feeling as if she should be grateful for the guy who “puts up with her”. Some guys recognize that a woman’s past relationships have left her damaged, and they have no trouble taking advantage of her. These women fall for the manipulation that cruel men use to make a frail woman feel bad about herself.


Independent & High Powered


Strong women are independent and don’t require a man to feel validated. They have their own agendas, their own passions, and they don’t a man to fulfill them. These days it’s perfectly normal for a woman to have a high-powered career and run a family all by herself. Strong women value themselves and will leave the relationship if they feel unappreciated. This type of woman recognizes her worth and refuses to settle for anything less than what she deserves.


Mature Men & Women


As is the rule of the universe, you get what you give. A strong woman will inevitably attract a strong man. Weak men will feel intimidated by a powerful woman and won’t even imagine getting involved. But a mature, well-balanced man will be aware of a strong woman’s ability and see it as a valued attribute. Only a man who has what it takes to handle a woman like this would consider a relationship with her. Also, men who have a high potential to be something greater, often find themselves in search of such a grounded female companion who can bring out a strength that lies within them.


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