Surprising Excuses Women Use to Reject Men

Rejection can be painful, and the feelings of rejection can last for a long time. It affects everyone. The feeling of rejection from a partner could be as devastating as anyone can imagine. However, men are the most sensitive creatures, and getting rejected by their dream partner could hurt their egoistic personalities.


The need is to develop a clear and concise understanding that women have their standards and expectations as well, and they would not compromise over them. None likes rejection, However, when it happens, it is important to learn from the experience and move on.


Why do women reject men?

Well! it could be owing to several reasons, in some cases, women reject men who are not financially independent, sometimes women reject women for not being able to let them have Orgasm. Whatever the reason maybe It is essential to be familiar with your expectations of your partner. There are many times when women are not aware of their expectations from the relationship. When partners fail to understand the expectations, it often ends up in rejection.

 Interested No more

Women won’t hide what they feel, they will simply go to willing man and tell him perfectly and plainly that they are not interested anymore, and they need a break. This hurts, but men can look for a positive aspect of this bitter climax, if despite a lack of interest,  somehow their love girl does not reject, it will surely bring unwanted consequences sooner or later.

Need to focus on themselves

Another surprising excuse by women is that they need to focus on themselves. This could be a legitimate excuse in certain situations when women desire to feel independent. They might have gone for rejection because they felt the need to work on their personalities.

Not  able to kick the ghost(ex) out

They might have initiated another relationship with you but still, the ghost of their ex is haunting them. Maybe they still feel attracted to their gone guy,  they often reject men for not being able to bid good goodbye to their ex-lover.


Lack of commitment results in rejection

Women reject men for not getting value for their personality and efforts. Women want assurance of love and commitment from their partner. They want their men to respect their beliefs and appreciate their feeling. Men get rejected by women when they fail to do so. They might be interested in more mature men, or they did not find their personalities alike. It is important to analyze these things at the beginning of your relationship; this will save you from heartache.

Different Social Interests

Having different social interests could be another reason for which women reject men. Women want their partner’s association in their activities; if a man fails to please her, he asks for a straightforward rejection.


Women do not wish to feel lower than their partner in their relationships. Women want equality and when they feel deprived, they prefer to reject.  Women often reject a dating relationship because they are looking for a lifetime commitment. is the ideal solution for the rejection; they assist in meeting the ideal partner of your dreams. You can sign up for free on and initiate the miraculous relationship of your life.

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