How Meet a Good Guy After Being in a Toxic Relationship?

How to Meet a Good Guy After Being in a Toxic Relationship

If you’ve had your heart broken horribly through a toxic relationship, you will probably feel anxious to give love another chance

Coming out of something that has broken you emotionally and that has caused so much disappointment will have the effect of you closing off.

You can find a good guy after a toxic relationship. You can find someone that wants to commit to you on

Finding a good guy on after you’ve been in a toxic relationship will trigger some emotions and behaviors. It’s good to be aware of these behaviors in order for you to manage them better when you are with a good guy.

The following things will surface when you meet a good guy after a bad boy.

  1. You Think You’re Dreaming

In reality, you can’t believe your luck. You were so used to being abused and mistreated in your previous toxic relationship that finding someone who is actually nice to you, is almost too good to be true. But believe me, it is real! Not all men are douche bags! There are a lot of good guys waiting to treat you like a princess.

  1. You Are Constantly Saying ‘Sorry

You’ve been so used to being blamed for everything that happened in your toxic relationship, that you find yourself freezing up when you think you’ve done something wrong. You are apologizing when it’s not necessary. Stop saying sorry!

  1. You Expect the Worst

While you were trapped in a toxic relationship, fighting and screaming have been part of your everyday life.  Now when you have parted your way and enjoy a good man and his love. You are scared to live those days again. You think this phase of good days will soon be over.

Anticipating a fight is a normal thing for someone who gets out of a toxic relationship. But know, that healthy relationships have discussions and can communicate without being physically abusive.

  1. You Don’t Believe Everything They are Saying

Doubt makes out a big part of your mind. You are always thinking that the good guy won’t follow through on his promises. But you will feel surprised and disbelieve when they do follow through and show you that they want to keep their promises.  Being suspicious is also a normal thing to feel when you come out of a toxic relationship. You don’t need to live in the past, rather try to give your new partner the benefit of the doubt.

  1. You Feel Unknown Emotions

When you get used to being mistreated, you stop feeling any positive emotions. You are bombarded with new unknown feelings like – freedom and happiness. Feelings of anxiousness and fear have turned into feelings of relieve and security.

This is the great thing about meeting a good guy, you realize your worth! Your confidence grows and you feel wanted again. I appreciate your new man and your new amazing and healthy relationship.

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