Technology: Don’t let it Run Your Life


Today’s society is driven by technology; everywhere you go are people staring at a screen. Each of these people is connecting to others online with a virtual connection. Yet the people sitting right next to them are ignored. Technology addiction has made us lose the connection with our loved ones and can sabotage your relationships. It is time to start disconnecting from our screens and the internet rather focus on our partners. You have to stop allowing technology and third parties to run your daily life. The world won’t end if you put your phone down for a while.

Engage in Person Instead of Electronically

Once you use technology less, you will find yourself bored and frustrated. You need to find something else to do during this time. Surround yourself with loved ones and friends; spend time talking to them in person instead of online.

Our society wants instant gratification – we want to share the latest news with everyone as it happens. Keep your news quiet for a while and tell your loved ones about your day once you are home. Personal contact is a lot more powerful; there is great advice on for couples to strengthen their relationships. Ask your partner what they experienced today. Talk to each other about what makes you happy and plan activities together.

Chat with each other while at the meal table. Talk about your plans for the day around breakfast. You might not be with your partner at lunch but talk to your colleagues at work. Use dinner time to reflect on each person’s day and share a positive thing that happened during the day.

Do not take your phone out when you go to a party or social gathering. You will be tempted to do this, especially if other people are using their phones. Engage with them in an appealing manner to get them away from their screens. One way to do this is to think about the guests before you get to the event. Create a topic to chat about the guests that you know will interest them. For example, if your brother-in-law likes cars then ask him what he has recently seen in the motor industry that is new or exciting.

Rules for Technology Use

Constantly checking your phone, email or social media is compulsive behavior. It is a good idea to set some rules for using technology to mitigate this compulsion. Talk to your significant other about how technology use can be limited within your household and set some ground rules. A good rule to start with is that gadgets may not be used while in the company of others. This forces you to focus on the people you are with and not on a screen.

No phones should be allowed at the meal table. It is distracting and can make others feel unimportant. If you do need to check communication then rather do it after the meal and once you leave the table. Don’t use your gadgets when you get into bed or first thing in the morning. It keeps your brain active during the night instead of getting a good night’s rest. Hold onto your partner, whisper sweet nothings to each other and be mindful of your surroundings.

Your relationship will be ruined if you don’t get control of your technology addiction. Your gadgets should not be more important than your family. Talk to each other and you might just learn something about a person you didn’t know before.

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